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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thing 11: DIY - You Pick - Music Apps and Sites

Thing 11: DIY - Music Applications

I wanted to spend some time discussing musical apps and sites that students can use to create their own music.  I don't feel like I do enough in the realm of music and education.  I guess I'm just not too comfortable with it because I haven't spent any time studying it.  With that said, I did manage to find some spectacular apps that can appeal to any music lover of any age.  I wound up subjectively grading each of these apps on ease of use.  5 being easy and 1 being very difficult. Take a look at my list below:



Incredibox is a musical app in which you can quickly and easily create a mix by programming a band of beatboxers to play a specific note or tone. Users can choose from a list of sounds and put them in any order they want.  Once they have acquired their perfect beat they can download and share their music with others.  Ease of use 5/5. Can't get much easier than drag and drop.



BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing chiptune melodies. Most creations seem to make the perfect beat to be used in any NES style video game.  This program is web-based and can be accessed from any computer with the internet.  Ease of use 3/5.  It's easy to click a box and make some sounds but the user interface along with variability is intense.  I usually see confusion at first glance when I watch students interact with it.  After a few minutes, they generally get the hang.



This one is my favorite just because it's my style of music.  Users can tweak just about any setting to make the perfect Death Metal medley.  This application can be found in the iOS app store or you can access a web-based version of the application.  Heres a little breakdown I threw together:  Breakdown with DJEN.  Ease of use 3/5.  There are hundreds if not thousands of variables and options to tweak your breakdown.  This could be confusing for the kids.



This one has been around for a while.  Users can choose from a large list of musical styles and create music by clicking particular spots on a cube.  There are also other modes that will teach the user how to play particular songs on various instruments with keystrokes.  Ease of use 4.5/5.  The app itself is extremely easy to use but I feel like the user interface and webpage an do away with a little clutter.


Music Maker

This is one that I have reviewed before but I felt like it was fitting for this post.  The application can be found on   There are walkthrough directions to get yourself up and running.  I didn't even need to teach the kids what to do.  All I needed to do is send them a link to the site.  Before I knew it they were making songs. Ease of use 5/5.


  1. Wow! You just saved me hours of time! I wanted to include some music apps in a workshop this weekend, but I've run out of time to even start looking at apps. I'm directing them to your post! :)

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